The business of doing good

As the world’s largest convenience store chain, 7‑Eleven is uniquely positioned to help sustain communities around the globe. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy was created to help us best leverage our business to do the most good in the world. Our focus:

Making a bigger community impact with a smaller footprint

7‑Eleven expects to grow dramatically over the next 10 years. Our CSR strategy demands that we limit the impact of this growth on our planet and the people in the communities we serve. To help us set long-term goals for reducing our carbon footprint over the upcoming years, we partnered with Conservation International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a healthier, more prosperous and productive planet. Our strategy focuses in on three goals:

Reducing CO2 in stores by 20% by 2027
Supporting local communities
Shifting to eco-friendly packaging for 100% of private brand products by 2027


Goal: Support local communities

Communities built for youth

7‑Eleven stores play a vital role in healthy, growing neighborhoods. We’re committed to making a difference in these communities by getting involved and giving back through programs that directly benefit the well-being of youth.

7‑Eleven Project A-Game

The Project A-Game program is a community outreach program created to provide meaningful youth development opportunities through education, fitness, safety and hunger relief, so children establish a strong foundation that supports their future success.

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7‑Eleven Operation Chill

A tasty reward for staying cool – that’s the Operation Chill program. This 7‑Eleven community outreach program is designed to reduce crime and enhance relations between police and youth.

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Support for our military families

From the top down, 7‑Eleven supports military personnel and their families. We’ve designed programs that promote military hiring practices, target the hiring of military veterans and support military families. Included in these initiatives:

Developing Women

7‑Eleven is committed to building leaders from within the company. We partner with NEW to develop our female leaders.

Network of Executive Women (NEW)

The mission of NEW is to advance all women, grow business and transform workplaces through the power of community. As a NEW corporate member, 7 Eleven is connected to a growing community of nearly 13,000 members who represent 925 companies across North America.

Over 100 of our top female leaders participate in NEW programs to help them grow as professionals, while helping us capitalize on the value of our leadership diversity. Benefits and resources available to 7‑Eleven members include networking with peers and industry leaders, leadership development, best practices and free learning programs.


2027 Goal: Reduce CO2 emissions in stores by 20% using a baseline of 2015.

Reducing our impact on the environment is a major focus for 7‑Eleven. We’ve taken big steps by strategically investing in several energy and sustainability programs that increase efficiency and reduce waste and resource consumption. Initiatives include:

LED lighting - a bright idea in energy conversation

7‑Eleven’s LED lighting program is part of our energy-efficient store design standard. LED lights are energy-efficient, reduce the use of hazardous materials and comply with local regulations to reduce light pollution. Plus, they improve the quality of lighting, which supports a safer store and a better shopping experience for customers. This program is a big contributor to our overall CO2 reduction goals.

Conserving a natural resource

7‑Eleven understands that efficient use of water helps reduce the demands on our water supply and preserve an essential natural resource. To reduce water consumption, we’re installing low-flow aerator faucets as part of our standard energy-efficient design plan for all new stores.

Managing the energy we use

7‑Eleven has strengthened our energy management strategy by implementing energy management systems (EMS) in stores. They’re used to monitor, control and optimize the performance of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. EMS enables remote control of HVAC and other energy-consuming equipment, and generates real-time data used to perform self-diagnostic and optimization routines to reduce energy consumption and manage costs.

Memberships that promote a healthier planet

To enhance our role as positive stewards of the environment , 7‑Eleven holds memberships with prominent environmental organizations.
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2027 Goal: Shift to eco-friendly packaging for 100% of private brand products

Creating environmentally friendly packaging

7‑Eleven is committed to continually looking for ways to improve product packaging. Many of our solutions are paper-based, derived from sustainable resources and, whenever possible, we work hard to reduce packaging materials without compromising product quality or safety. We focus on correct sizing and material selection to best fit and deliver our products in the most efficient manner.

A good example is the redesign of our hot dog carton. In an attempt to improve the package performance and customer experience, we were also able to reduce the materials used, reducing consumption of paperboard by 2%. This equated to an estimated reduction of 50 tons of paper on an annualized basis.

The nutritional options customers are looking for

7‑Eleven provides healthy, convenient food and beverage options to customers through our Better-For-You menu. Our goal is to create nutritious, flavorful and affordable foods that fit customers’ healthy lifestyle needs. Our fresh food menu includes:

  • Entree and side salads with low-fat dressings
  • Better-For-You sandwiches
  • Yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and granola
  • Vegetable and hummus snack packs
  • Fresh-cut and whole fruit
  • Hard-boiled eggs